Stunning Time-Lapse Tree Mosaics by Noel Myles


For the past 15 years, UK-based photographer Noel Myles has been documenting the countryside of eastern England, and arranging the photos he brings home into these lovely mosaics. In these collages, which he calls “still films,” Myles has combined platinum/palladium prints that were taken over ten years ago with more recent color photographs, creating a sort of static time-lapse of both nature and technology. He describes his work as an attempt “to extend the still photographic image beyond the single moment and the static viewpoint” and “evoke the perception of accumulated experience.” We’re not sure about accumulated experience, but definitely feel the sense of history and the passage of time in these trees. Click through to check out a few of Myles’s lovely “still film” tree mosaics, and then be sure to head over to his website to browse through even more of his work.

[via PetaPixel]