John Peel’s Record Collection to Become Online Museum


It’s music-geek Christmas, ten months early: NME reports that John Peel’s massive record collection will be preserved in an interactive online museum. When the legendary, career-making British DJ died in 2004, he left behind 25,000 LPs, 40,000 singles, and thousands of CDs — all of which will be available via The Space, a new BBC/British Arts Council digital music service. Frank Prendergast of Eye Film and Television gave the magazine a preview of the multimedia project: “The idea is to digitally recreate John’s home studio and record collection, which users will be able to interact with and contribute to, while viewing Peel’s personal notes, archive performances and new filmed interviews with musicians.” Sounds like a perfect combination of tribute and public service to us — although we do worry that the archive could be difficult for Peel’s American fans to access. So, NPR? PBS? You guys want in on this?