A Very Flavorpill Father’s Day


With Father’s Day upon us, the Flavorpill office is going to be taking the “honor thy father” commandment especially seriously this weekend. In that spirit, we took a straw poll around the office to see what staffers’ dads’ favorite flicks were. We found that the fatherpills (that’s fathers-of-Flavorpill-ers) have a diverse range of tastes…

Lindsay’s dad loves chick flicks; Pretty Woman is a favorite. Cassidy’s dad loves Mel Brooks and Monty Python fare, with Young Frankenstein toward the top of the list. Lee’s dad is a fan of The Jerk. Brent’s dad flips for the following trio: Jeremiah Johnson, Dances with Wolves, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (or at least he likes this last one enough to quote from it frequently). Axel’s father is a fan of Chevy Chase Vacation franchise. Leah’s dad is all about The Big Sleep. Nora’s dad enjoys Van Helsing. Doug’s dad thinks West Side Story is a classic. Eli’s dad is quite the film buff, and goes for either The 400 Blows or The Producers (the original, of course) depending on his mood. Andy’s dad, meanwhile, splits his time between M.A.S.H. and Field of Dreams . As for my dad, he likes the original Pink Panther, starring Peter Sellers.

What’s your dad’s favorite movie?