Adorable Inside-Out Plushies for the Outsider in All of Us


Last week, Zurich-based design team Atelier Volvox won the Recycling Design Preis 2012 in Germany for these sweet plushies, which we spotted over at Nerdcore. The plushies, called “Outsiders,” were each rescued from a second-hand store, corner or closet, and then turned inside-out by hand, getting a brand new life in the process — albeit one that looks a little bit different than their last. Not that that’s a bad thing — designers Samuel Coendet and Lea Gerber assure us that “despite their bizarre appearance, however, Outsiders are friendly and adorable.” We very much agree. Click through to check out these super cute outsider plushies, and if you feel like making your own, we’ve even included their simple instructions at the end.