The Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories


1. For starters, there’s the David Rohde kidnapping story that nobody picked up because the New York Times said so. [via Gawker] 2. Some drunken U.S. Open fans turned on Tiger Woods. He was playing out on Long Island. [via Newsday] 3. Moneyball — a Steven Soderbergh-helmed baseball drama starring Brad Pitt and Demetri Martin — has been canceled in the final moments before filming because of a bad script that lacked emotion. Heh. [via Reuters] 4. Steve Jobs — whose failing health has had shareholders in a tailspin since January — has reportedly received a liver transplant and is slated to return to Apple at the end of this month. [via WSJ] 5. Anne Hathaway is terrified of playing Viola in the Public Theater’s Twelfth Night, but does a good job; New Yorkers, this is also your friendly reminder that Shakespeare in the Park begins this week. [via NYT]