HBO’s First ‘Veep’ Trailer Promises Witty Banter, Wonky Fun


We’ve been a bit perplexed, to be honest, that we haven’t heard more about HBO’s upcoming comedy series, Veep. Created by the team behind the fantastic 2009 British political satire In the Loop and starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as America’s vice president, it seems to have all the elements of great TV — and its election-year debut is fabulous timing. But Veep seems to have been overshadowed by the network’s other spring fare, like the 2008 election movie, Game Change, and Lena Dunham’s Girls.

Thankfully, we’ve finally got a proper trailer, and the show looks fabulous. There’s witty banter, dirty language, wonky political humor, hints of entertaining drama between the president and the VP, and a whole lot of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Selina Meyer attempting to be charming but just coming off as awkward. Splitsider predicts that Veep will turn out to be a sort of West Wing/Arrested Development combo, and while we certainly see elements of both (yes, that’s Buster, aka Tony Hale), Selina is reminding us quite a bit of 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon. And that’s not especially surprising — Tina Fey has often mentioned Louis-Dreyfus as a big influence on her acting. Watch the preview after the jump, and tell us whether you’ll tune in when Veep premieres April 22nd.