Let’s Get Real: A Reality TV Guessing Game


Irony alert! Word is that Lindsay Lohan is potentially teaming up with Ryan Seacrest for a reality show where she would award money to people who are headed down the wrong path and want a new start. This concept is only made stranger by the complete plausibility of it. So in honor of the alternate reality of reality TV, we’ve decided to create a game for you. After the jump, find a list of reality shows. Some are green-lit series and some are totally made up. You tell us which you think are which. See if you can out-reality us!

1. The Twitter Show – The social networking phenomenon is coming to TV! A group of ordinary people will trail celebrities using the service.

2. Paparazzi – This show follows the lives of these celeb photographers, giving insight into the competition, the ethics, the strain on personal lives, and the struggles of coping with life behind the camera.

3. Paranormal Cops – A look at the lives of a group of real-life Ghostbusters.

4. Arranged Marriage – Subjects hand over their futures to the people they’re closest to. A marriage is arranged by friends and family as the cameras document the couple’s first meeting and the trials of marrying someone you don’t even know.

5. Under Protection – Contestants enter a form of witness protection program, leading lives and fulfilling challenges under assumed identities. Each week the group is whittled down as the least effective liar is kicked off until at last the winner takes home the $100,000 prize.

6. Celeb-u-moms – A series following personal and professional lives the mothers of Hollywood insiders as they balance their famous children, their careers, and the spotlight.

7. The Fixer – The show promises “never a dull moment” as the audience follows a famed (though as yet unnamed) PR mogul as she deals with her clients and the press to try and salvage reputations and careers.

Answer key: 1, real; 2, fake; 3, real; 4, real; 5, fake; 6, real; 7, fake.