Jonathan Demme Directing ‘My Dinner with Andre’ Reunion


Depending on who you ask, the 1981 film My Dinner with Andre is either a brilliant philosophical work or a boring, pretentious movie in which two guys — Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn — eat dinner in a fancy restaurant and have a pseudointellectual conversation. Those two camps will soon have a new excuse to fight it out, because über-director Jonathan Demme is set to make a sort of reunion flick, Wally and Andre Shoot Ibsen. While its subject matter sounds a bit more concrete than My Dinner with Andre‘s, the fact that it has a budget well under $1 million, a week-long shooting schedule, and Henrik Ibsen’s The Master Builder (adapted by Shawn) as its source material makes it a likely heir to Louis Malle’s original. The New York Times has a fascinating, in-depth piece about the project today, which Demme describes Wally and Andre Shoot Ibsen as “like a Hitchcock movie with a vein of humor running through it.” Yeah, we’d watch that. [via Collider]