What Do You Make of Lindsay Lohan’s ‘SNL’ Promo?


Lindsay Lohan is hosting Saturday Night Live for the fourth time this weekend, with Jack White as the musical guest. She reportedly approached Lorne Michaels directly to land the gig in an apparent attempt at image rehab through sketch comedy.

Here’s the thing: I actually like Lindsay. I’m rooting for her to wow us. Remember the Parent Trap remake? Or Mean Girls? Or even Freaky Friday? Before she became notorious for what she was doing off-screen as opposed to on, Lindsay was quite the budding actress. A likeable redhead with a husky voice, kind of like a pre-Emma Stone Emma Stone.

And while these promos aren’t bad at all (especially the whole dig at the tabloids), what I find myself focusing on is how overly made-up and old she looks. Lindsay is only 25 years old, but it’s like she suddenly became her mother Dina overnight. Will she be able to drop the whole crazy vanity thing in order to, you know, actually be funny? Remember, this is the woman who at one time, wasn’t afraid to be seen looking like this. Watch and let us know what you think in the comments.

[via Pop Culture Brain]