How Would You Feel About Living in Your Own Mini-IKEA ?


Enter the dwelling of your average 20- or 30-something, and you’re bound to find something there that’s from IKEA. But how would you feel about moving into a pre-fab, one-bedroom house that was tricked out with stuff exclusively from the Swedish furniture company? While can’t help but wonder what it would do to your relationship, we will admit that the idea of living in an IKEA has crossed our minds before — especially after watching that scene in 500 Days of Summer.

Joining forces with an Oregon architectural firm called Ideabox, IKEA has come up with the “aktiv” (which is Swedish for “active”), the first in a new line of “hip and modern” houses that will be “outfitted taking into consideration the demands from Pacific-Northwest homeowners.” The eco-friendly homes, which are expected to be priced at $86,500, will feature Tundra maple flooring, Pax wardrobes, and Abstrakt cabinets, for those of you well-versed in IKEA-speak. Click through for some interior shots of the model house, which is currently on display at the Portland Home & Garden Show, and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

[via PSFK]