Video of the Day: Lady Gaga’s Mighty Morphin Power Gender Dolls


“There’s nothing children want more than to cast of the shackles of oppressive gender politics,” says Lady Gaga in a commercial for her Mighty Morphin Power Gender Dolls — Barbie-like creatures that kids can assemble themselves, sticking male and female parts together in a schoolyard rebellion against the binary. While we wouldn’t be surprised to see Gaga actually market such a product, the ad is a skit taken from comedian Stevie Ryan’s new VH1 sketch show, Stevie TV. Ryan plays the pop star with recognizable stiffness and severity, and even manages to get in a Madonna-ripoff joke. This first look has us excited to see what else is in store on the show, which premieres this Sunday, March 4th at 11pm. If you still need convincing, check out some more of Ryan’s impressions — of everyone from Zooey Deschanel to Justin Bieber — in this promo.

[via HuffPost]