Jason Segel Won’t Be Writing the Next Muppets Movie


We’re not sure why the news exclusively reported by Vulture earlier today that Jason Segel won’t be collaborating with his original co-writer Nicholas Stoller on the sequel to The Muppets makes us so sad. He’s got plenty of good reasons — his role on How I Met Your Mother; a few new movies that he has to promote; and the fact that the Academy wouldn’t let the Muppets perform their adorable Best Song winner at the Oscars, a dick move which we’d wager broke his heart into a million little pieces. And yet it just feels wrong to us, like maybe all Segel really needs is an inspirational speech from Kermit and a stirring musical number to remind him of what’s really important in life — his beloved Muppets! You don’t spend years convincing Disney to resurrect a franchise, release a movie that’s well-liked by audiences and critics, and then just walk away from it all. There are rules!

Apparently Disney insiders say that there’s still a chance that Segel will reprise his role as Gary in the new film, but frankly, we’re more interested in the magic that he worked behind-the-camera on this one. How about you?