Mondo Unveils ‘Back to the Future’ Poster and Opens New Art Gallery


Mondo’s milkshake brings all the movie geeks to the yard. Their website nearly explodes every time a new poster is released by the Alamo Drafthouse’s art boutique, and many a wallet has been drained thanks to badass designs from talents like Tyler Stout, Jay Shaw, Dave Perillo, and more. Now the group has released a new beauty after making a deal with Universal and the beloved Back to the Future . The posters are set to sell tomorrow, March 2.

Phantom City Creative — who previously made another great BTTF poster that was more abstract-minded — created these lovelies. This new one features everyone’s favorite time machine: the DeLorean. shared the following pertinent info: each poster (there are three) is ” … 18″x 24″ and screen printed. There is a variant, however, that combines all three into a single 16″x36″ screen print limited to only 115 copies. A set will cost you $88, while the variant will set you back $120.” Follow @MondoNews on Twitter tomorrow to find out when these bad boys go on sale. Note: it will be insanity.

Mondo fans should also take note that the group has opened up their own gallery, which kicks off with a mystery show on March 10 at 6pm during Austin’s South by Southwest festival. Head to SlashFilm for more info.