Watch Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor Sing ‘I Can Do Anything Better Than You’


It’s a pretty safe bet that if Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor were ever in the same room, there’d be a little bit of healthy competition going on. After all, one has almost superhuman powers of perception and a really bad attitude, and the other is actually superhuman (well, alien at least), and a delightful disposition — until things get hairy, that is. They both take their work very seriously, which is why it’s wonderful (and feels a little salacious) to see this video by YouTube user Liisakee, who has imagined the pair singing along to Irving Berlin’s “I Can Do Anything Better Than You.” We’re not sure why Sherlock’s the girl, though. Maybe it’s those luscious curls of Benedict Cumberbatch’s. Click through to watch the video, and let us know which of the two you think would win in an all-out battle of wits.