Impressive ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Art


It seems funny to say that fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones have been looking toward George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy novel series longingly since the author has been incredibly slow in releasing his quasi-medieval tales. (There’s even a song about it!) Still, those wanting to dig into David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’ HBO saga before season two premieres on April 1 have been desperately waiting to hear the winds of Winterfell and get their fill of sex and bloody battles in high-def while news surrounding future books has been swirling.

The first season Blu-ray finally hits stores tomorrow, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a bunch of die-hard fans that have recreated the show’s drama and excesses. Check out some impressive Games of Thrones fan art in our gallery past the break, where the rival nobles and other star players are lovingly portrayed. Tell us if we missed any of your favorite fan art in the comments below.

Image credit: teiiku

Tyrion Lannister

Image credit: alicexz


Image credit: Phobs

Sandor and Joffrey

Image credit: Fay Helfer-Hale


Image credit: AniaEm

Jon Snow


Ned Stark

Image credit: aaronturon

Ned and Arya

Image credit: verucasalt82

Tyrion Lannister

Image credit: Gold-Seven


Image credit: Chris Bishop

Image credit: EmegE

Khal Drogo and Khaleesi/Daenerys

Image credit: Joëlle Jones


Image credit: ArgosArt

King Robert Baratheon

Image credit: Ila Fox


Image credit: rydi1689

Ned and Catelyn


Cersei and Jaime

Image credit: elleneth

Khal Drogo

Image credit: ArgosArt

Prince Joffrey

Image credit: Phil Noto

Tyrion Lannister

Image credit: Maré Odomo