Hackers Steal Unreleased Michael Jackson Songs from Sony


Readers with a fondness for gaming may remember the pandemonium that ensued when Sony’s PlayStation Network was hacked last April. Some 50,000 files were taken from Sony’s internal servers, including the personal information of PSN subscribers and (possibly) their credit card details. Now it’s emerged that something else was stolen from Sony’s servers around the same time: a bunch of unreleased tracks by Michael Jackson. As was the case with their initial disclosure of the security breach, Sony hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with information about the theft — they’ve only confirmed that “a number of tracks” were stolen — but it’s yet another blow to the company, whose security policies have been under scrutiny since the initial breach (especially as it turned out they were storing users’ passwords as plain text.) It’s better news for Michael Jackson fans who’ve been waiting for Sony to deign to release the tracks it’s sitting on — if the decidedly questionable material on posthumous cash-in compilation Michael wasn’t enough for you, then you might be getting more unreleased MJ soon, whether Sony likes it or not. [via Ars Technica]