SRSLY!? You Told Us Someone Tattooed 56 Stars On Your Face While You Were Sleeping?!


Don’t get me wrong, tattoo artists do sometimes make mistakes (I once had a friend who paid for a “Free Spirit” and got a “Free Spirt” emblazoned on her back). Still, wasn’t it inevitable that the Belgian girl claiming an artist maliciously tattooed 56 stars on her face (instead of three) would come out of the closet on the issue. First, there’s the fact that she only went into excuse mode AFTER her father became angry. Then there’s the fact that she paid for 56 stars (If I only asked for three of something, I’m sure as hell not paying for 20 times that much!). Oh yeah, then there’s that little nagging fact that 56 face tattoos is NOT something you can sleep through.

In honor of today’s obvious, way-too-late admission exonerating the artist, we hereby grant Kimberley Vlaminck her due: her SRSLY certificate comes certified with a healthy helping of WTF?!