Is MTV Better Everywhere Else? 5 Art Breaks from Around the World


I remember the golden age of MTV, an era of headbanger’s balls, 120 minute adventures, non-stop music-video marathons, and enough claymation interludes to make your slap bracelet curl in on itself. When, oh when, did we lose our way?

To make matters worse for Americans, MTV affiliates around the world are still just as awesome as the original. On a recent trip to the Philippines, I flipped on the TV to see a video block featuring Sugar Hill Gang, Phoenix, and Death Cab for Cutie, all before an old-school art break. (What’s more, the station was 11 on the dial and again at 38). After the jump, we pay homage to our lost innocence with five amazing art breaks from MTVs around the world…

MTV Arabia

MTV Nordic

MTV Philippines

MTV India

MTV France