Watch Jonah Hill’s Funny New ‘SNL’ Promos


Poor Jonah Hill. It seems like anyone wants to talk about when he comes up these days is the fact there’s suddenly a lot less of him. We still cringe when we recall Billy Crystal serenading him with “if you lose, I think that you should know, that there’s cupcakes after the show,” at the Oscars. Anyway, if you’re like us, then you’ll be happy that there’s no mention of Hill’s weight loss in the promos for his upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, just some effortless back and forth with his Superbad co-star Bill Hader. This should be a nice palate cleanser after Ms. Lohan’s painful struggle with the cue cards last week, right? We’ve got but one request: please let there be a sketch where Taran Killam gets to break out his killer Michael Cera impression.