‘Parks and Rec’ Filmed Three Different City Council Election Outcomes


She’s been gaining in the polls — at least, she had been until playboy candidate Bobby Newport hired a crafty, two-faced new campaign manager. But does Leslie Knope stand a chance of winning the Pawnee city council election? And if she does, what will that mean for the close-knit staff of the parks and recreation department? Apparently, even the Parks and Rec writers don’t know for sure. In a PaleyFest panel last night that also included the revelations that we’ll be seeing Brad Leland (Friday Night Lights‘ Buddy Garrity) as another rival candidate and that no one knows whether a fifth season is in the cards for the show, producer Dan Goor revealed that the cast shot three different endings for the election day episode, which will be the Season 4 finale. “We wrote it in such a way that everything up until the moment we played that scene, it could go either way,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. Here’s hoping that no matter how Pawnee’s 2012 election ends up, all three outcomes find their way to the DVD. [via Splitsider]