Billboard 200 Decoder: Twilight, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Celine Dion


Hot Right Now: TWILIGHT It looks like we were wrong to judge — pseudo goth tweens across America have spoken. And they want more LINKIN PARK.

Expect this new release to continue dominating the charts next week; the movie doesn’t open until November 21st, and rabid fans have to get their vampire fix somewhere.

So Five Minutes Ago:HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 A solid number three position on the charts suggests that the only people whose purchase are not being affected by this bad economy are wearing headgear. If the thought of real life couple ZAC EFRON and VANESSA HUDGENS dueting on a song called “Can I Have This Dance” makes you want to vomit, you’re not alone — you’re just in the minority.

Totally Over:CELINE DION Celine’s latest two-disc compilation dropped nine slots to number 17 this week. This makes us smile. Perhaps Patrick, a pragmatic reviewer from Wisconsin puts it best: “With the economy the way it is, save money. Just download the new songs. Why would you buy songs you already have? These songs have been put on multiple albums before. The only people who should be buying this are those without any of her albums. But if you’re not a fan by now, chances are you never will be.”

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