A Hilarious Visual Guide to “TV Taboos” from 1949


As M.I.A.’s middle finger seen ’round the world reminded us last month, television is still a highly regulated medium. But it’s also come a long way since its debut in the 1940s — hell, it wasn’t until the mid-’60s that married couples could be shown sleeping in the same bed. The blog My Retrospace reminds us of those more innocent times with a hilarious magazine photo spread from 1949, which enumerates the many “taboos” on that cool, new invention, the television. Apparently, “too-tight sweaters” and “too-gay drinking” just weren’t OK back then — although, as Retrospace points out, the magazine certainly seems to revel in salaciously depicting those prohibited elements in the name of journalism. Take a peek after the jump, and consider what Jersey Shore might have looked like in those simpler, post-World War II years.

[via Retronaut]