An Amazing Collection of Handmade Steampunk Insects


You don’t have to be attuned to the steampunk aesthetic to appreciate the beauty in Lindsey Bessanon’s bionic bugs, beetles, and butterflies, but it surely helps. Each tiny specimen’s metallic gears, goose and levers jut out just so, giving the illusion of robotic mechanisms within. Bessanon — who got her start as a jeweler — scours eBay and entomologist websites for dead bugs to purchase, pins the, sets them, garlands them, and voilà! The quirky little sculptural pieces are part taxidermied crawlies, part androids. Check out these pieces spotted by designboom and see how you like ’em.

Lindsey Bessanon, Green Metallic Stag Beetle

Lindsey Bessanon, Cyrtotrachelus

Lindsey Bessanon, O priamus teucrus

Lindsey Bessanon, Eupatorus birmanicus

Lindsey Bessanon, Chelorrhina savagei

Lindsey Bessanon, Phaneus vindex

Lindsey Bessanon, Eupatorus birmanicu

Lindsey Bessanon, Phallacrognathus muelleri

Lindsey Bessanon, Chrysina

Lindsey Bessanon, Prosopocoilus giraffa borobudur