What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we watched Brad Goreski model spring fashions. We looked hard for Andrea Galvani’s invisible sculptures. We wondered if the color pink really existed. We fell in love with baby goats in sweaters, running. We got excited about a project by artist and filmmaker Steve McQueen that will take place in Amsterdam’s largest public park. We wanted to buy these DVD shelves made from 35mm film. We were surprised at the number of dating profile pics taken at the Holocaust Memorial site. We felt magical. We saw Amelia Earhart on the fashion runway. We read a new interview with director Alejandro Jodorowsky and learned his thoughts about Twitter. We got more info on the new Andy Warhol book. We went behind the scenes of a Stanley Kubrick classic. We wanted to attend this Lena Dunham film series. And finally, we imagined what our tree house would look like tucked inside the world’s first vertical forest. It would have a killer tree swing.