A Selection of Awesome Table Read Videos from TV and Film


Every now and then, we’ll come across footage of an awesome table read. Y’know — when the cast of a film or TV show comes together, sits at a table, and reads through a new script. Because we’re so accustomed to seeing these performances in their final formats, it’s pretty enjoyable to watch our favorite actors chatter through their characters’ famous lines for the very first time. After stumbling upon the hilarious Superbad sex-scene table read (via Reddit, naturally), we were inspired to gather a collection of ten more similar videos.


There’s clearly nothing better than a drunken party read-through with Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Martha MacIsaac, McLovin, and Emma Stone, eh? If you’re watching this and asking, “Was Paul Rudd really in Superbad?” — the answer is no, he wasn’t. He’s just here for the Goldslick.


We’ll have what Shirley’s having. Oh, and remember — Community comes tomorrow, folks. Tune in so we don’t lose it again, cool?

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This video confirms that we can no longer watch anything involving Kristen Bell without anticipating a teary-eyed breakdown, and when the breakdown doesn’t come, our minds just wander to thoughts of sloths.

30 Rock

Since 30 Rock enthusiasts tend to equate the actors with their respective characters, a Liz Lemon/Jack Donaghy table read is indeed a strange sight to behold.

Napoleon Dynamite

To amp us up for its new series, Fox uploaded a Napoleon Dynamite table read and gave us a nostalgic glimpse at the familiar bodies that inspired the cartoon.


The award for “chillest table read” goes to Scrubs and its read-through of the first episode of its seventh season. The footage is a bit shaky, but it’s fun to catch a glimpse of the cast’s off-screen familial antics.

Doctor Who

This behind-the-scenes peak at the first Doctor Who table read highlights the stresses that accompany time-traveling shows. Judging from the rest of the TV read-throughs in this roundup, these gatherings have likely become much more lax since then.

Family Guy

The greatest part about cartoon table reads is that it usually looks like one person — in this case, Seth MacFarlane — is maniacally talking to himself. Want to hear him do “Singin’ in the Rain“?


Although there’s really no reading being done in this particular “read-through” video, it’s definitely the first time we’ve seen a Skins cast all together sans drugs or alcohol or spontaneous weddings.

Battlestar Galactica

Here’s one that might pull at your heartstrings. Watch as teary-eyed Battlestar Galactica cast mates partake in their very last table read.