How Much Would You Pay to Live in a Frank Lloyd Wright?


Photo by Tim Street-Porter

Artinfo reports that Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House (located in Los Feliz, California and inspired by ancient Mayan ruins), is being offered for sale for $15 million (!) by the Ennis House Foundation. Eric Lloyd Wright, Frank’s grandson and a member of the non-profit’s board, believes that a private owner is the best way to maintain the home in the current economy.

After grabbing this sneak peek inside of Wright’s Isabel Roberts House last week (which mind you, went for around $800K in 1988), we can see why the price is so high. Kind of. Plus, according to the LA Times, this is the largest of his experimental “textile block” houses, so for the right architecture geek (with deep pockets) it would be a big score. That said, the LAT estimates that the new owner will face “a projected bill of $5 million to $7 million to return the house to its former grandeur.”

So, how much should it cost to live in a work of art?