Wordy and Beautiful Shadow Art by Fred Eerdekens


We all look at a piece of art and hear its hidden messages, but it’s rare that a work will whisper to you as directly as these shadow art creations by Fred Eerdekens. His sculptures and installations, in some cases very beautiful on their own, create art from the shadows, leaving messages on the wall in either negative or positive space, incorporating everything — the light, the shadow, the physical space, the wall behind it — into the artwork’s expression. Eerdekens’s work, which we first spotted over at DesignBoom, leaves us peering, wondering how he possibly figured out how to do that, before we sit back and enjoy it. If you’re lucky enough to be in Paris right now, a selection of Eerdekens’s work will be on display at the Magda Danysz Gallery beginning March 17. Otherwise, click through to see some of our favorites, and then be sure to check out Eerdekens’s website for even more.