Could Bret Easton Ellis be Writing an 'American Psycho' Sequel?


Over the last few hours, Bret Easton Ellis has been tweeting up a storm about ideas for an American Psycho sequel, which would be pretty exciting. We’re not getting our hopes up, because so far the story seems a little all over the place, but according to his tweets, Ellis plans to “spend the weekend seeing if it works.” As of 5 hours ago he has 15 pages of notes. “Hmmm…” he teases. “Maybe I’ll call my publishers on Monday… But have to figure out what the structure is… Definitely murders at prep school and …”

Whether or not this sequel becomes a reality, we’re having fun watching Ellis come up with ideas for the modern Bateman, tweeting things like “Patrick would hate Obama and for example, go into great detail about the Honey Badger fraudulence of #Kony2012 and he’d love Kim Kardashian” and “Patrick would post pics of murdered girls on Facebook and either no one would notice or post “Fuck yeah” and that’s what I’m thinking about..” At the end of his string of furious tweets, Ellis wrote, “Making new notes. Going to bed. Can’t believe this happened. Am I really going to start doing this? PB says yes…” Well, we all have to do what Patrick Bateman says. To aid him in his storyboarding, Ellis has asked for ideas from the Twitterverse — and hey, maybe if he gets enough it will really happen, so throw your own thoughts out there.