Listen to Previously Unheard Recordings of Punk Pioneers Television


If you have even the remotest interest in 1970s NYC punk, you’ll have a copy of Television’s Marquee Moon somewhere in your record collection. But you mightn’t have heard a whole lot by the band’s founding line-up, which featured Richard Hell on bass alongside guitarists Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd, along with drummer Billy Ficca. Hell was ejected from Television long before Marquee Moon, replaced by the more musically adept Fred Smith, and Hell-era recordings of the band have been hard to come by — which is why we were excited by the new set of early Television tapes that recently surfaced on the web. The tapes are rehearsals, demos, and live recordings from 1974 and early 1975, and they’re fascinating. They come from consistently awesome bootleg blog Doom and Gloom from the Tomb — get them before the RIAA shuts the whole thing down for making music fans too happy for their own good. [via Love Goes to Buildings on Fire]