You Can’t Touch Fire Coral: A Photo Essay from the Philippines


Cityscapes are all well and good, but at some point, even the savviest urban adventurer has to get out. Last month, I was invited to take part in a Malibu initiative, kicking off July 1st, hell-bent on bringing awareness to Reef Check, the world’s largest reef preservation organization (check out our feature on Armchair Activism for ways to help without doing any work).

The plane took me over the North Pole, through Siberia, and smack-dab into Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, I explored the reefs, rode an oxcart through a river, crossed a rusty suspension bridge brandishing a beer, mistakenly went to a whorehouse, jumped from a cliff in underwear, rode on top of a tank down a one-way road, scuba dived with only 10 minutes of training, and slapped a man from Maxim. There’s no way to tell the entire tale, but this exclusive photo essay is certainly a start.