The Best Pop-Culture 'Mad Men' Mash-Ups


Are you as excited for the return of AMC’s Mad Men as we are? Probably not, because we’re pretty pumped over here, so much so that we’re constantly tempted to insert Mad Men references in completely unrelated posts. Luckily, there are some fantastic crossovers out there to keep you entertained until the premiere on March 25th, and we’ve put together a list of the best ones for your perusal, featuring everything from Mad Libs to Muppets. If you can think of any we didn’t catch, let us know!

Mad Muppets

This spoof from a recent episode of Sesame Street has us wondering if it’s really the kids they’re trying to entertain, or if it’s just us adults. At least children might learn something about emotions, and the proper use of the word “sycophants” — if they can hear anything over their parents’ laughing, that is.

Mad Men theme song x Nat King Cole

This mash-up of RJD2’s “A Beautiful Mine” and the Nat King Cole hit “Nature Boy” is both visually and musically stunning, in no small part because it was done all in one take with no Auto-Tuning, voice dubbing, or lip syncing — the performance is completely live. Plus, the gorgeous singer, Allison Williams, is the daughter of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. There must be some talented genes in that family!

Sterling Archer Draper Pryce

A dashing, dark-haired protagonist in 1960s Manhattan, booze, sexcapades, and somebody named “Sterling”? Considering everything the shows have in common, it’s no wonder someone got the idea to pair up Archer with Mad Men for this crossover Tumblr.

Mad Men ad mash-ups

When the incredibly minimalist teaser posters for this upcoming season started appearing in subway stations and on bus stops, they attracted a lot of attention as potential canvases for creative graffiti artists. The one above is inspired by the video game Portal, but there are many more versions all over the web for your viewing pleasure. Or, you could make one yourself!

“A-Holes: Pitch Meeting”

Saturday Night Live has its fair share of recurring characters, and the A-holes are two of the best. Naturally, when Jon Hamm hosted for the first time, they were going to have to do a Mad Men parody, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better than this cameo-studded sketch. Of course, there’s also “Don Draper’s Guide to Picking Up Women” if you can’t get enough.

Community: The Don Draper Method

Click here to watch our favorite pop-culture name-dropper, Abed from Community, putting the Mad Men moves on his study-buddy. The best part? Alison Brie is on both shows. If you close your eyes and just listen, maybe you can pretend that Don’s cheating on his new wife with Pete Campbell’s wife — actually, wait, can that happen in the show this season? That would be insane.

“Mad Libs Men”

Brought to you by the hilarious minds at CollegeHumor, this video puts a favorite childhood pastime into the very grown-up world of drinking, smoking, and sex. We’d love to see more videos of this weird world — we bet Smelly Red Microwave is a great copywriter.

“Sterling Cooper Vader Pryce”

This reimagined credit sequence by Dann Matthews features a different enigmatic figure of pop-culture: Darth Vader. The comparison works pretty well if you think about it, though we hope Sally and Bobby Draper don’t pull a Luke and Leia, because that would be weird.

Mad Men vs. Inception: Don Draper Undone

Maybe it’s only the music from Inception that this film editor from Los Angeles is borrowing, but his recut trailer that pits Don Draper against Pete Campbell is seriously sinister. It’ll definitely give you chills if you’re not prepared.