Watch a PSA on Spoilers Featuring Your Favorite TV Stars


So, you missed last night’s The Walking Dead. No worries — it’s waiting for you at home, thanks to the magic of DVR. You half-ass your way through the work day, fantasizing about the moment when you’ll be able to pour yourself a beer and settle in on the couch for an hour zombie fun… and then, just as you’re leaving the office, some insensitive moron corners you to geek out about the show. You try to explain that you haven’t seen the newest episode yet, but before you can get a word in, he’s spilled a major plot point and effectively ruined the viewing experience you’ve spent the entire day anticipating. Freaking spoilers, right?

Thankfully, College Humor has created some spoiler rules in a new video featuring the stars of TV’s most spoiler-prone shows — Dexter, True Blood, The Wire, Battlestar Galactica, and, of course, The Walking Dead. We heartily co-sign (especially the part about seeking information online at your own risk), and recommend you send the video to the chronic blabbermouth in your life.