Gilbert & George’s Strangest Show Yet


Earlier this week Paul Laster told you about the latest from Gilbert & George — the tweed-loving odd couple of British contemporary art — and their new Jack Freak Pictures series. The Guardian just posted a new video interview with the “living sculptures” wherein they discuss how their art is both “capable of bringing out the bigot inside the liberal” and getting them through airport security without a hitch.

We found this part of the accompanying feature quite interesting:

“What we do is like automatic ­writing: we have no idea how we start,” says George. “There is some confusion in our brain,” says Gilbert. “We used to take in a Bangladeshi boy and sometimes he was, ‘You’re so nice. I love you.’ And the next minute he was, ‘I want to kill you.’ We’re like that. Because our pictures are not based on ideas or plans, but just come out from inside ourselves, we feel they must be right.”

Also of note: They’ve made an effort to have no friends. Period. They also have no stove. (“…it wastes so much time, shopping and washing up, disposing of waste. We keep our brains for the more important things. We only have an electric kettle.”)

View more of Gilbert & George’s Jack Freak Pictures in an image gallery at The Daily Beast.