A Collection of Incredibly Weird Pop Culture Bras


Once upon a time, we were Google image searching “Pokémon” (why yes, it’s 1998 and we’re a bunch of nerdy 12-year-olds) and a wild Pokébra appeared. That’s right, a bra that makes breasts look like Poké Balls. The discovery piqued our curiosity and a little bit of research yielded the realization that there are a lot of unusual pop-culture bras out there, folks, and it’s our civic duty to round some up and present them to you in one handy collection. If the Pokébra isn’t quite your style, we’ve got everything from Where the Wild Things Are to Vincent van Gogh-themed undergarments. Catch ’em all after the jump.

Pokémon “Pokébra” [via]

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh [via]

Harry Potter “Hufflepuff” [via] and “Deathy Hallows” [via]

NES controller [via]

Star Wars “The Ruffle Alliance” [via]

Super Mario “Piranha Plant” [via] and “Mushroom and Goomba” [via]

Batman “Dark Knight Push-Up” [via]

Sesame Street “Bert and Ernie” [via]

Where the Wild Things Are [via]

Facebook “Like” [via]

Toy Story “Buzz Lightyear” [via]

Marvel Comics [via]

Alice in Wonderland [via]

The Simpsons [via]

Pac-Man [via]