Are Facebook Ads Aiming at Our Parents?


Sure Facebook’s demographics are always shifting, but anecdotal evidence leads me to believe that a major movement is afoot. First, my mom friended me out of the blue (due to a glitch with the photo sharing app she was able to do it without my approval), then I came across an incredibly unexpected ad. Sure, the graying of the audience is already confirmed, but is the site’s ad strategy following suit? After the jump, a sure-fire sign of the mighty Book’s unexpected aging.

Set to the side, amidst copious updates and my photo essay from the Philippines, I found this strange, evocative ad.

Thinking it must be a new series on AMC (love that streamlined design), I clicked through, only to find the following:

So clearly, advertisers are after people my mom’s age (that or the site’s magic coding is telling me something about my relationship). Have you had this experience? Are our parents the site’s new target market? Are yours even on yet?