Would You Live in This Hobbit Hole?


If the $86,500 pre-fab Ikea house that we told you about a few weeks ago was little bit out of your price range, today we’ve got a more wallet-friendly (albeit much tinier!) abode that might pique your interest: The Hobbit Hole. As Cyriaque Lamar over at i09 explains, “An Etsy seller has built a series of Bag End children’s playhouses priced at the cost of a few months’ rent, and they’re big enough to fit a Rider of Rohan or two. Without their mounts, of course.”

It should be noted that the ceiling is only 5’3″ at its highest point, so one of these 50-square-foot beauties wouldn’t be very comfortable if you’re much taller than Frodo was — granted he was pretty tall for a hobbit. Prices range from $1,995 to $3,140, with a delivery rate of $1.95 per mile round trip from Thorndike, Maine. (Note: Wooden Wonders also makes chicken coops, sheds, saunas, and cottages.) So, what do you think? Are you as charmed by this adorable micro dwelling as we are, or do we just have a weird thing for tiny houses? [via The Mary Sue]