10 Free MP3s You Need to Download This Week


It’s Friday, and unlike the rest of Flavorpill, this writer’s not in Austin — instead, it’s time for another installment of our regular roundup of downloadable MP3 goodness from around the web. There’s a new song from Dr. John (if you’re quick), along with interesting M83 and Orbital remixes, plenty of whacked out synths, a dab of psychedelic folk and the return of Owen “Casiotone for the Painfully Alone” Ashworth. In other words, there’s plenty of good sounds awaiting you after the jump, and since they won’t cost a penny or land you an RIAA lawsuit, as your attorneys we advise you to start downloading immediately.

Dr. John — “Revolution” They call him… Dr John. Known as the Night Tripper. He’s got his sizzling gris-gris in his hand. And he’s also got a new song. It’s called “Revolution,” it’s produced by Dan Auerbach, and you may have heard it streaming at various places around the web this week. Well, if you’re quick, it’s up for free download today (Friday) via KCRW. It’s only up today, though, so get on it.

Advance Base — “Summer Music” If you don’t recognize the name, Advance Base is none other than Owen Ashworth, he who used to be known as Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. We were huge CFTPA fans, so we’re delighted to see Ashworth back making music again. A demo of this track surfaced on Soundcloud last year, but this is the final version — and it sounds mightily like the music Ashworth used to make under his old moniker, which is just fine by us. Get it via Bedwetting Cosmonaut.

Orbital feat. Zola Jesus — “New France (L-Vis 1990s Rewound Mix)” Orbital have been “back” for several years, but now some new studio material is finally starting to appear. The first single from their upcoming album Wonky is called “New France,” and features the lung-busting talents of Zola Jesus. This remix is available via RCRD LBL — and since someone complained about this last time we included a RCRD LBL link: yes, you have to surrender an email address. That still qualifies as “free” in our book.

M83 — “Reunion (Tropics Mix)” Also on remixes, here’s an unofficial remix of M83’s “Reunion.” As they point out at XLR8R, where the download’s hosted, this sounds like something Anthony Gonzalez might have done himself, all smooth atmospheric synths and spacious mixing.

Woods — “Wind Was the Wine” We’ve been talking a bit of late about the split Woods/Amps for Christ album, and here’s another track from it — this time, pastorally spaced-out psychedelic folk from the ever-wonderful Woods. Grab it via RCRD LBL.

D’Eon — “Transparency Part III” Another record we’ve been raving about is D’Eon’s Music for Keyboards (which you can grab in its entirety via last week’s MP3 roundup if you missed it). This is another new D’Eon track, taken from a compilation on Canadian label Electric Voice, although it sounds nothing like the stuff on Music for Keyboards — it’s bleepy, arrhythmic, and frenetic. It’s available via Fact.

Difference Clouds — “Les Jardins d’Edena” This track by Difference Clouds, however, does recall D’Eon’s ambient work. It’s a gorgeously blissed-out synthscape, and the MP3 is apparently an excerpt from a much longer work. It’s available via Secret Decoder.

Brass Bed with Allison Bohl — “One” We watched a fascinating documentary about Harry Nilsson recently — as a result, we’re all for anything Nilsson-related at the moment, and thus were delighted to stumble across a cover of his song “One” at My Old Kentucky Blog. It’s by Louisiana band Brass Bed, with filmmaker Allison Bohl on guest vocals.

Ringo Deathstarr — “Shadow” We’re not quite sure how we managed to omit Ringo Deathstarr from our list of celebrity-inspired band names last year, but we’re not forgetting them this time around. If you want to pretend like you’re in Austin, from which this band hail, download their new song “Shadow” from Brooklyn Vegan. And then leave a nasty anonymous comment.

Siamese Twins — “We Fall Apart” Pitchfork describe Siamese Twins as “a darkly-shaded Massachusetts dream pop trio who bring to mind early 4AD and Slumberland,” which is pretty much spot on. The band’s CD is self-released, and it’s good to see the ‘Fork still plugging the occasional unsigned artist. If you like the track — which is here — the entire demo is available via I Could Die Tomorrow.