Update: The Battle for Late Night Continues


A week ago, we brought you a ratings timeline of the ultimate Late Night showdown: David Letterman vs. Conan O’Brien. When we last left our hosts, Letterman was beating O’Brien in overall viewers, but O’Brien had the edge in the younger demographic. After the jump, let’s find out what’s happened since.

NBC’s The Tonight Show, as of today, is beating CBS’ The Late Show in every demographic under 55, reports the New York Times Media Decoder blog. This news bodes well for Conan, because, after all, advertisers are much more interested in younger audiences than the olds (OK, semi-olds. The median age was 57.) That said, Dave did manage to beat Conan last week in overall viewers, and more is always better than less, right?

Side note: When are the Comedy Central staples going to get dragged into this epic battle? We’d enjoy a good round of Conan vs. Colbert. Wouldn’t you?

Stay tuned as the battle continues; meanwhile, anyone want to wager a guess about which one will pull the next big ratings stunt?