Beautifully Desolate Pop-Up Books by Andreas Johansson


Swedish multimedia artist Andreas Johansson, whose work we first discovered over at Collabcubed, creates oversize photo collage pop up books that are both beautiful and slightly disturbing. For his exhibit entitled From Where the Sun Now Stands, he has created six books whose images show different angles of the same abandoned lot. Johansson explains, “I take photos of areas in my neighborhood that I cut apart and join together again in new constellations. By doing this, I create imaginary places that are both recognizable and completely alien. These new sites are constructions and have no history, while the places where the photographs once were taken have a very important past. For me, deserted places have a great symbolic value. They represent society’s backside, but also freedom beyond control and regulations.” Click through to see a few of our favorite images of Johansson’s work, and then head here to see a video of the pop up book in action.