The Future, as Predicted by '90s Cartoons


Remember those flash-forward episodes of your favorite ’90s cartoons? Y’know, the ones that showed the characters’ lives a couple decades down the road, living amongst hover cars and flying by jet packs? Well, we recently realized something mind-boggling — we’re currently living in the same time as most of those über-futuristic cartoon sequences. When a psychic showed Lisa Simpson her fate, we learned that robot employees would be commonplace in 2010. When the Rocko’s Modern Life gang traveled in time, we found a land of rocket cars and “transportators” in 2013. Needless to say, we’re a little behind. Click through for a blast from the past, a sneak peek at the future, and a lesson in what our modern world should be by now, according to ’90s cartoons.

The Simpsons, “Lisa’s Wedding” (1995)

In the future…

*Note: “The future” in this episode is 2010.

People will use a “Picturephone” to communicate with loved ones.

Elementary school classes will be taught by televisions.

Dive bars will have virtual darts.

All librarians will be robots.

The Ren & Stimpy Show, “House of Next Tuesday” (1994)

In the future…

The Sensorama TV will make it appear as though the viewer stars in every show.

Every household will have a jerky machine.

Every household will have a large “toilet seat warmer” that extends from the ceiling.

Beds will be dispensed by pill. Adding water will grow a dream bed.

Giant ants will rule the Earth.

Rocko’s Modern Life, “Future Schlock” (1996)

In the future…

*Note: “The future” in this episode is 2013.

Dogs will have jet packs.

Space odomotronometers will be worn on the head. They will blink green when a banana is near.

Transportators will allow for teleportation.

Retirees will live in pods in retirement villages.

Hey Arnold!, “Part-Time Friends” (1998)

In the future…

City parks will be in bio-domes.

Hover buses will be a popular form of public transportation.

Doug, “Doug’s Hot Ticket” (1992)

In the future…

Doug will have a mustache.

He will still love the Beets, and he will watch them on this television.

Daria, “Is It College Yet?” (2002)

In the future…

TRL will return as JRL in 2041.

Rugrats, “All Grown Up” (2001)

In the future…

*Note: “The future” in this episode is 2011.

Kids will, once again, listen to music via CD Walkmen.

Animaniacs, “Yakko Sees Into the Future” (1993)

In the future…

There will be nothing, according to Yakko. The future is blank, because it hasn’t happened yet.