Gypsy Wagons: Romantic, Adventurous, and Liberating Design


Sometimes we just need to get away from it all. Away from the computer. Away from the city. Away from modern life as we know it. Enter our newest tiny house obsession: the gypsy caravan. Like so many things that originated in the French countryside, it’s the perfect design solution for the urban doldrums. Complete with birdcages, crocheted curtains, wood-fired stoves and Art Nouveau details, these tiny homes on wheels will have you contemplating trading in your skinny jeans for a prairie skirt and a violin.

Researching exactly how we’re going to work one of these colorful conduits to a more romantic life into our postmodern existence, we came across the Gypsy Caravan Company headquartered in rural England. The founders explain that these enchanting mobile dwellings “can be used as a spare bedroom, a garden study, a hobby room, an artist’s studio, a writer’s retreat, a wildlife hide, a child’s gypsy caravan playhouse, a focal point for camp fires or barbecues, a romantic hideaway or simply somewhere to take a glass of wine and a good book.” Fun fact: Roald Dahl, Madonna, Billy Connolly and the Duchess of Bedfordshire have all been proud owners of one of these inspiring little hide-aways.

Click through to see some of the most whimsical and inspiring bohemian wagons out there today. Let us know in the comments if you could trade in your urban existence for a meadow hopping life in one of these romantic gems.

Image credit: Roald Dahl’s gypsy caravan at Gipsy House in Great Missenden, England. Via Amateur Gardening

Image credit: A Gypsy Caravan Vacation

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