Video of the Day: Animated Film Arithmetic


We’ve admired the work of Atlanta editor and motionographer Evan Seitz before — particularly his ABCs of cinema video. This time the artist focuses his attention on numbers and film in his love letter to the greatest movies throughout history. This go-round in the series is a shorter and spunkier version, offering more of a challenge. Each animation is cleverly composed, providing a quick hint about the film behind the visual puzzle. We recently asked Seitz which one was the trickiest to put together. “The toughest one this time around was actually less technical and more aesthetic,” he shared. “ Seven Samurai took a good bit of pre-thinking before I could even begin to really mold a simplistic, but effective approach. It’s also the first full landscape — so it was a bit of a risk that I think paid off.” We agree. Check out the video in full below, and let us know how many movies you can name in the clip.