Portraits of Pop-Culture Soul Mates from Different Worlds


Do you ever daydream of what would happen if your favorite pop-culture characters from entirely separate universes could meet? We have, predicting which television characters might be best friends in real life and doing some speculative matchmaking for gay and straight TV teens. So naturally we’re thrilled by Chris Gerringer’s I Know That Feel, Bro series, which pairs geek icons that share a common trait — Batman and Harry Potter, for instance, are “orphaned heroes,” while The Incredible Hulk and Kermit the Frog both know it isn’t easy being green. Click through for some of our favorite duos and visit Gerringer’s DeviantArt page to see a whole lot more.

Chris Gerringer, Orphaned Heroes. Spotted via Pop Culture Brain

Chris Gerringer, Gotta Have Rings

Chris Gerringer, Just Want a Heart

Chris Gerringer, Being Green

Chris Gerringer, Expendable Minions

Chris Gerringer, Itty Bitty Living Space

Chris Gerringer, Princess Problems

Chris Gerringer, Unintelligible Speech

Chris Gerringer, Addicted to Dots

Chris Gerringer, Wearing a Visor