Beautiful Minimalist Posters on Programming Iconic Tracks into an 808


The Roland TR-808 is arguably the most famous drum machine in history, its distinctive deep kick and tight handclaps driving countless hip-hop and dance tracks since its release in 1980. The humble little box has been immortalized in album titles (808s and Heartbreak), band names (remember 808 State?), and countless lyrics. And now it’s been commemorated in a series of minimalist posters by UK designer Rob Ricketts, who’s created beautifully designed guides to programming the beats from four iconic songs straight into the drum machine. Of course, the trick is actually getting your hands on a vintage 808 — they’re hard to find these days — but even if you can’t get a real one, you can use a softsynth emulation, or download samples of its sounds and load them into the DAW of your choice. Anyway, check out the posters after the jump, and also see more of Ricketts’ work at his website.