'30 Rock' to Feature New Live Episode


We love Alec Baldwin for always being chatty about NBC’s 30 Rock . During an interview with Extra (according to HuffPostTV) , the actor shared that the show will be performing another live episode on April 26. The last time the series broadcast live was in 2010, and it was a huge success (6.6 million viewers). Going before audiences makes sense for a show where so many of the stars and creators graduated from Saturday Night Live university. The draw will also help to boost ratings, which have been lagging ever so slightly at around 4 million viewers. The concept for a live show came about in 2007 during the Writer’s Guild of America strike when the cast performed at a fundraising event. The 2010 episode included guests Jon Hamm, Julia Louise-Dreyfus (as Liz Lemon during the flashback scenes), Bill Hader, and others. No word yet on who may be popping up for the April show, but it’s guaranteed to be good. Agree?