Video of the Day: Katy Perry Joins the Marines for "Part of Me"


Katy Perry’s new video for “Part of Me” — directed by Ben Mor and filmed at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base in Oceanside, California — just premiered at MTV. The singer has appeared in videos as a nerdy teenager sowing her wild oats, an alien fantasy object, and a pissed off bride. This time around she tries to show off a few acting chops and appears as a jilted lover who dumps her man (conveniently timed with her real-life divorce). After, she joins … the Marines. (The cast is comprised of actual USMC members, even.) When Perry finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her with a girl at the office, she has a Britney Spears moment and chops off all of her hair before going G.I. Jane. There’s the usual posing and dancing happening, but mostly we watch the star performing multiple training exercises. Is it vapid, wannabe feminism, or empowering to behold? Watch the video past the break, and let us know which way you’re leaning in the comments section.

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