Watch Louis CK, Roseanne, Joel McHale and More Read Their Followers' Meanest Tweets


Twitter is freaking weird. Where else can you share your thoughts on celebrities with the knowledge that they may actually read them — or even respond? It’s all sweet and uncomplicated when you’re tweeting your admiration, but when you’re criticizing — or just plain hating — things can get a bit sticky. Famous people have feelings, too, after all. Last night, in celebration of Twitter’s sixth birthday, they aired those reactions in a very funny Jimmy Kimmel Live! video where they read some of the meanest tweets they’ve received. Joel McHale calls out a detractor who pronounces him a “huge d-bag” for not spelling out “douche”; Roseanne deadpans, “Hey Roseanne, get a life”; and Anna Faris learns that if you replace the “I” in her last name with a “T,” you get “farts.” But Will Ferrell pretty much steals the show, because he’s on the toilet. Watch, chuckle, and then think before you call a comedian names on Twitter. Because, you know, she’s probably funnier than you.

[via HuffPost Comedy]