Watch a Ben Franklin Impersonator Recite His 220 Synonyms for "Drunk"


Back in 1737, Benjamin Franklin published The Drinker’s Dictionary , a very long list of euphemisms for drunk that he “gather’d wholly from the modern Tavern-Conversation of Tiplers,” in The Pennsylvania Gazette. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, some dude in Chicago decided to dress up like the famed Founding Father, and recite all of the various descriptions for you — which takes a full six minutes. While he’s not quite as believable as the Ben Franklin impersonator who performed at Phyllis’ bachelorette party on The Office, he gets the job done. Click through to check out the hilarious clip, and let us know which synonym gets your vote in the comments. Personally, we’d like to see “His Head is full of Bees” and “Got on his little Hat” experience a resurgence.

[via The Daily What]