BuzzFeed Shift Editor Amy Odell's 5 Favorite Twitter Feeds


You can tell a lot about a person based on who they religiously follow on Twitter — or least that’s the driving idea behind this new weekly column. Every Monday we’ll ask an influential web editor to share some of his or her most prized feeds with you, along with a few exemplary tweets that will illustrate why you’ll soon be following along too. Our hope is that you’ll get a tiny glimpse inside the creative minds of some of online media’s brightest stars — and a more interesting Twitter feed of your own to boot!

To kick things off, we were lucky enough to score some recommendations from the lovely Amy Odell, the editor of BuzzFeed’s brand-new women’s vertical, Shift. Click through to check out her picks, and be sure to follow her on Twitter here.

I loooove ALT. He is the best — so nice and funny and smart and enigmatic. Can’t say enough good things about him. His Twitter feed is great because he tweets about everything — fashion, politics, starving for beauty, etc.

My hilarious former colleague at New York magazine! She covers finance but also tweets about lots of other stuff: Mass holes, shopping, fast food, tourists…

P. Diddy is one of those celebrities who has no idea what to tweet because he’s so famous that, like, what does he need to be tweeting about? So he just sputters platitudes about life. He also tweets about partying, but somehow I only catch the times he says “Living is life” and things like that. If happened to regularly notice more of the tweets where he confuses himself with a soccer announcer I might stop following him. (As seen here and here.)

She signs everything “love Diane.” Also has celebrity platitude syndrome. Love Amy.

Need I explain?