FW Exclusive: Iraq Veteran Photographer Nina Berman More Scared Than Ever


Documentary photographer NINA BERMAN’s work focuses on the American political and social landscape. Last year she had a buzzed-about solo show at New York’s JEN BEKMAN GALLERY called PURPLE HEARTS that featured images of wounded Iraq war veterans; this year she returns to the venue with HOMELAND, a series of photographs that she has been working on since 9/11.

Our question for Berman: Does she think that the world is a scarier place now than it was the last time she showed at Jen Bekman? Her response after the jump.

“The reality based forces appear to be making a resurgence but there is an undercurrent of desperation with some pretty scary faces attached who live by the mantra “by any means necessary” and that’s a little chilling. So on the Annual Scare Index, which I like to consider alongside the Dow Jones, the Debt Clock and the Doomsday Clock (Remember that one? It seems so quaint now), I would say yes, now is scarier than a year ago.

Certainly, the pictures I’m showing this year at Jen Bekman scare me more than the ones I showed last year.”

If you live in New York, HOMELAND opens at Jen Bekman Gallery October 24th at 6 p.m.